Resources for addressing gender-based violence against women and girls in humanitarian settings.

GBV Case Management


Interagency GBV Case Management Guidelines

GBV Case Management Tools

Establishing Case Management Services: Assessment Tools

Case Management Forms

Supervision Tools

GBV Information Management System

The GBVIMS was created to coordinate effective data collection on GBV in humanitarian settings, to provide simple systems for GBV staff to safely collect and use survivor data to improve services. For all resources on the GBVIMS please utilize the dedicated website which includes tools and guidance to operationalize the GBVIMS and GBVIMS+ Primero.

You can also learn more about the GBVIMS, ethical data collection principles and best practices in data management by listening to the GBVIMS PODCAST available on iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud.  Users can also access continued learning through the site’s VIDEO SHORTS.

NEW! GBVIMS+/Primero Companion Guide

This guide is meant for GBV caseworkers, supervisors, program managers and coordinators, GBVIMS focal points and GBV M&E staff using GBVIMS+ — and is intended to accompany the GBVIMS+ user guide. The GBVIMS+ Companion Guide includes:

  • Part 1: How to use GBVIMS+ to support your GBV case management programming
  • Part 2: How to use GBVIMS+ for remote supervision
  • Part 3: How to use GBVIMS+ to monitor quality of GBV case management service provision

GBV Case Management M&E

GBV Case Management Outcome Monitoring Toolkit

The GBV CASE MANAGEMENT OUTCOME MONITORING TOOLKIT aims to measure the impact of GBV case management on women and older adolescent girls’ psychosocial well-being and felt stigma. This toolkit was developed using validated scales measuring changes related to psychosocial wellbeing and stigma experienced by women survivors of GBV in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The IRC has adapted this toolkit for use with women and older adolescent girls receiving GBV case management support from Somali and Syrian populations.

 What does the GBV Case Management Outcome Monitoring Toolkit measure?

  • The Psychosocial Functionality Scale is a 10-item questionnaire that measures a women and older adolescent girls’ ability to carry out important tasks in their daily lives.
  • The Felt Stigma Scale is a 10-item that measures women and older adolescent girls’ both perceived and internalized experiences of stigma.


Word version of scales in Somali: FUNCTIONALITY and FELT STIGMA

Word version of scales in Arabic: FUNCTIONALITY and FELT STIGMA

GBVIMS Key Performance Indicators and M&E

GBVIMS+/Primero Companion Guide Part 3: How to use GBVIMS+ to monitor quality of GBV case management service provision, including:

  • GBVIMS+ key performance indicators and provides guidance on how these should be interpreted
  • Client Feedback form, including who should administer it, how it should be administered and how it should be interpreted

Companion Guide Videos for GBV Programmatic Decision Making

Data-Driven Decision Making: HTTPS://YOUTU.BE/ZDMHRWUSLVW

KPI-Related Videos

GBV Case Management Scales Videos

Client Satisfaction Videos

Case Management Scales in Action

Want to see the Case Management Scales in Action? Check out this VISUALIZATION from the Jordan country program:

GBV Case Management Training

GBV Case Management Guidelines Training Toolkit

 Additional multimedia training modules

Ongoing skill building of GBV case workers is essential. The following modules can be used for weekly skill building sessions on topics prioritized by GBV response teams. These modules build on the Guidelines and training package above.

Compiled modules:

GBV Case Management Capacity Building Initiative

In 2020, the GBVIMS Steering Committee developed a comprehensive Inter-Agency GBV Case Management Capacity Building Rollout Strategy and Toolkit, informed by lessons learned from all eight implementations of the GBV CM CBI led by the GBVIMS Global Team over four years. The Strategy and Toolkit is designed to act as a guide, or set of recommendations, for actors wishing to roll out the GBV Case Management Guidelines. Find the Strategy and Toolkit here: ENGLISH VERSION


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