Resources for addressing gender-based violence against women and girls in humanitarian settings.

Women and Girls’ Empowerment

The IRC’s WPE programming promotes women and girls’ rights to equal power and autonomy in all societies, including those affected by humanitarian crises.  The following program models aim to further strengthen the capacity of women and girls in humanitarian settings to recover and lead their communities forward to end violence against women and girls.

Girl Shine

A program model and resource package that seeks to support, protect, and empower adolescent girls in humanitarian settings.

Women and Girls Safe Spaces

A toolkit for women’s and girls’ empowerment in humanitarian settings.

Women’s Movement Building

A series of initiatives led in partnership with feminist and women’s rights organizations and networks to advance women and girls' safety and empowerment in humanitarian settings.

Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment (EA$E)

An approach to building women’s economic power, business skills and social networks, while reducing the risks of IPV by shifting power to women at the household level.

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