Resources for addressing gender-based violence against women and girls in humanitarian settings.

Adolescent Girls

Girl Shine

Girl Shine is a program model and resource package that seeks to support, protect, and empower adolescent girls in humanitarian settings. Girl Shine provides adolescent girls with skills and knowledge on GBV and how to seek support services. Girl Shine supports adolescent girls as they navigate a safe and healthy transition into adulthood, protected from GBV, supported by their caregivers and peers, and able to claim their full rights

The Girl Shine program model and resource package can be used in multiple humanitarian settings, including conflict and natural disasters, as well as within the various phases of emergency response.  It is based on the experience and knowledge gathered through years of WPE programming engaging adolescent girls in humanitarian settings, as well as research, and feedback from adolescent girls and their female and male caregivers

Focus on Early Marriage

Additional content for Girl Shine was developed based on formative studies in Lebanon and Uganda exploring the drivers of early marriage, the needs of girls at risk of marriage and the needs of married girls with country teams. Global consultations with WPE colleagues and external experts on the current gaps and strengths of Girl Shine also shaped the intervention. Tools were field tested in Uganda and further adapted and refined based on ongoing feedback from staff, girls, and female and male caregivers. These new components were added to the Girl Shine program model and resource package, which now comprehensively addresses delaying marriage for unmarried girls, and responding to the unique needs of married girls.

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